Wednesday, 26 September 2012


The English phrase, “good things befall those who wait” sounds crucial, but there is a challenge of not knowing how much one must wait and not knowing when somebody’s time will come. Better life is for everyone. None must be subjected to waiting whilst others are benefitting now. Waiting is boring and it has resulted in certain important dreams ending up being not realisable.  

Of course, it is advantageous for people to do things at their time in a proper way. Waiting too unnecessarily could be failure of destiny. People ought to be careful not to take longer in order to exert control and purpose in their lives. For instance, Africa has waited for far too long to have leaders of great integrity, who are corruption free and exult with superior ideals of selflessness. Now the continent needs salvation for its own.

The elders teach us in parables. In French they say, “Profiter de l’occasion quand il est temps’’ (make the best out of the occasion whilst you still have time). In Swahili, they say, “Vunja mufupa kama ukingali na meno”, which means in English “use your time when you are young”. When is still fresh or when his teeth are still cutting one should take the opportunity to break the bone. However, we should not misinterpret these important phrases and change the direction of life and wisdom. These critical phrases seek to elucidate the journey of life.

Furthermore, a wise young person is the one who knows how to plan his life and execute these plans at a right time while other people are playing with their brains. In life, there is only one chance to make a success: there is not second chance. It is also common to hear some youth saying, “you only live once, so lets enjoy”. Africa is still young in terms of civilisation and modern conception of democracy. However, it needs to stop being permanently locked in the celebration mood. For instance, many black South Africans are celebrating political victory which came after 400 years of colonialism and apartheid. They have yet to take a step forward in the direction of realising their common goal as a people.

Unfortunately, harsh realities of life will teach a person a lesson for ignoring his time. There is time to go to school; to go to work; to get married; to give birth to bouncing and intelligent children. No one ought to start very late. The Englishmen conclude nicely,“time wasted will never return”. 

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