Friday, 24 February 2012


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 In South Africa, blood has becoming an emblem of flower and water due to higher estimation of crime it means every day instead of getting good news  based on lifestyle which is activating  people daily  then you have started a day with an annoyance affects your entire lackluster system.
How to avoid that crime? It may be very hard and difficult as well but the matter of business by selling the guns to younger kids less than 18 ages old which is wrong. Never less, just what we need: more weapons and even better, increasingly innovative ways to murder and maim each other.
The government wants money in order to pay people, or the government and business sectors are working together. However, the businessmen also need money by selling the guns how come the crime could be down? No one respect the law!  With my money, I can buy whatever I want, that’s also a problem but does not mean I must slaughter other people.


Some people in this world enjoy life normally on earth while others are suffering with eager somewhere somehow, so you may always ask yourself why this is so to other people?  The answer for this question is very vague because everybody does not have the same destiny.

Nevertheless, it is simple to manage yourself by doing some creativities and innovations by having your proper dream and how do you turn this dream into a reality. Using some guidance and tips to get you started on the road to become your own boss this is way of getting a life.

 However, being a boss does not necessary involve the issue of having money sometimes, but other people used to ask whether money does bring happiness. Let us say this, in terms of life; money is a want not a need, but you must use your intellect properly in order to achieve your dream.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


In life, it is fair to say each and every one of us deserves to be loved. The big question that one has to ask him/herself is that, with whom can you share your love with? This question is important to address, as it will prepare you mentally so that you can logically map your directions regarding the life ahead of you. On the other side you are making sure that you are on the same level of thinking and expectations as your partner.
This part of my research based on love issues, aims to share with you the understanding and the real power of love.  There are some well known people whom in their life they shared powerful quotes regarding love. For instance the likes of Mother Teresa who once said: ‘The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread’. ‘We can do no great things; only small things with great love’.
On the other side we have Albert Einstein who also once said when you sit with a nice girl for two hours; you think it’s only a minute. But when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think its two hours. That’s relativity’.
Another quote that I found interesting is that of William Shakespeare who says But love is blind and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that themselves commit; for if they could, Cupid himself would blush to see me thus transformed to a boy’.
In life, love to some shows the image of blindness. Nobody can measure the capacity of love; we’re all beginners in the ‘lesson of love and its wonders’. Different things drive people madly in love.   There’s nobody with a Degree in Love.


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In these days, the construction services does not do its job properly, at 110 A Coronation Road Maitland Cape Town. Two people had an accident based on that bad construction. Unfortunately, the processes involved with construction can be deadly to nearby trees, this is due to a big negligence of the project manager that deals with the plans.  The damage is extreme, the trees may not die immediately but could decline over several years.

However, it is possible to realm trees on building sites if the right measures are taken that help all constructors in terms of building services. The most important step is to hire a professional planning  design artist during the planning stage. Any artist designer can help you decide which trees can be saved and can work with the builder to protect the trees throughout each construction phase. 
Based on construction,  homes are situated in the centre of trees to take advantage of the appealing and environmental value of the timbered lots. Timbered properties can rate as much as 20 percent more than those without trees, and people value the prospect to live among trees. For instance, an artist designer and builder should work together in planning the construction. It is clear and important for all constructors to know how to handle their jobs in the way to avoid damages.  

Friday, 17 February 2012

Money Stolen in the Wardrobe by an Innocent Cat.


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The world today is full of surprises, so do not trust any person, an animal and not even a bird, you cannot believe it.

Richards, a rich businessman from Congo used to keep a lot of money in his house instead of in the bank. He lives together with his only much-loved cat ,Cherie Maria. Whenever when he received money from his buyers, he avoids keeping the money in the bank because of illegal business of drugs and also the charges from the bank.
However, as the elders say ‘one day is one day’, so if you keep walking on the wrong lane, the world will be teach you the right lesson. Mr Richards came back home from Brazil after a few days with a package of cocaine worth estimated of US 100.000.000$. Richard taught, ‘how much money could this be in Rand?’

He got home by inquisitiveness, took a look at his cat ‘Cherie Maria” and suspected that his cat looked sick and not her usual self! He said only one word into his heart ‘what’s going on here? Any problem!
As we all know, when someone gets home usually from business trip, he or she must rest and have something to eat. Nevertheless, two hours later, Richards stood up and stode to his bedroom and opened the wardrobe where he keeps his money. Unfortunately all the money to the value of R 195,000 000 plus Us 170,000 $ was missing.

Life is unfair, you will get disappointed Richards taught. He was the only one who had access to the keys and the remote control. No one else was allowed to come in besides the cat that was always in the house. Richards had no choice but to have his own investigation and the first suspect was the cat. But then, who could it be Richards taught, all the doors were locked…



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Being a leader in the organisation is very important but you must have the potential of controlling all workers which means how to give them the right instructions at right time. Making decisions is a part of work which makes a good atmosphere. Giving instructions to people in the organisation is one of the ways to control the work by set-up the timetable.

However, if we look at some organisations these days, many managers face several critical problems when giving instructions to their workers caused by lack of leadership skills. The fact is that being an incomprehensible to the team workers, at  this stage,  a manager must have a right supportive time of set up the power of good instructions at right time in order to cover the confusion within the organisation.

As a leader, the first step recommended that you will always keep in mind it is how you can be able to control yourself. Then the second set up consisting of formulating some goals, and also having a vision in terms of work. These goals help the leader to achieve the daily objectives.
 Basically, why do most leaders these days struggle with giving instructions to their workers? It is because of lack formal classroom training it provides to practice administering an appraisal.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

I would like to introduce myself to all my watchers by saying hello and welcome to my blog which is, it will be contained some good social information’s indeed in the future. Yet, my name’s John Basele Mulongetsha originally from the Republic democratic of Congo (DRC) student at Cape peninsula University of technology Camp Town Campus. By doing my postgraduate in public relations management, I would like to put across this testimony concerning myself by saying this I’m a simple humble active person with so many creativities and has a countless sense of funniness to people within the society. In terms of my  lifestyle for today, I’m always like to play sports, walks, reading and the outdoors that is me anywhere. I am not a trouble maker at all but I ‘m an honest and sincere person who like to live and associate with other people in order to share the philosophies together. Basically, my profession at moment as a student it is includes the functions of communication, community relations, customer relations, employee relations, media relations, mediation, publicity and speech-writing. A person without a vision in life, yet he is analogous of course a symbol of shrub without lambs means a plant without a production.

Most people in this world for today pretend to know better than others even to be on top of them or nor knowing them as well which are absolutely wrong. Unfair, if you do not know please you may have to ask so that you will be able to know more about what you do not know; and also of course when your  conscience taught you wrong issues which means you are completely sick, for the matter of fact however, do not hesitate see  immediately a doctor or  psychologist.
You learn to do by doing more.