Monday, 17 September 2012


I have had sundry people saying, “watch this space” and I sometimes get confused if they are threatening me or not. Usually this will appear at the end of my friends’ texts. But, I have just comprehended that it’s another way to promise something. Like my friend when we play chess or a checker game he would say, “Today I will bit you, watch this space”.

 As we are nearing to the end of our academic careers there is a lot coming up, though, of course each has their own goals. Some of us will join the industry; others will take a break (of which I don’t encourage any of us to). What is important in this day and age is to kickstart your own businesses, and be able to employ many people. Then, just watch the space!

 I have been processing my plans for a very long time now. I have been living a student life since I started schooling. Now it’s about time I ventured into other aspects of life. I am planning to do sports, traveling, among other things. There are number of other things I want to venture into but “watch the space”.

I have been very patient with my studies. Some have even thrown the towel and swore that I would not make it. I said to them, “Watch this space”. Now I have the exciting news for them that  I have completed the task I have set for myself five years ago, and now I want to watch out some developments and fantastic ventures I am about to undertake. Watch this space!

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