Thursday, 18 October 2012


In life, you must be ready for whatever comes your way because you never know when your life will end. Many people play with their lives without measuring the limits of what can happen to them in the end. They focus of the unimportant things wasting their time only to realise at the very end that their bad decisions have cost them a lot.

In Africa, most people believe that death is caused by a person’s bad actions or decisions; even it is God’s will. Some people do sometimes blame God; they accuse him of being the cause of the deaths of their relatives.  That is a great fallacy of black people living without faith in their lives, it is a bad conception of a non-Christians.

The rich believe that they are untouchable; they believe that if anything bad happens to them poor people who are jealous of them would have caused it. Life on earth is not uniform, we have rich and poor people and these two classes are always judging each other according to their groups. So be ready at any time because the future it is not for you, so be careful in order to escape complaining by saying that only the bad things happen quickly

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