Friday, 9 November 2012


My father used to tell me that if you do not know something please do not hesitate you may ask other people who are well placed to understand and to know exactly what you want to know about life. I would like to say that, these words have been my guideline especially during my student life.  In trying to know what I do not know is in a sense challenging, but is the better future.
Relocating from French to English is not an easy task. In South Africa, I was like thrown in the deep end with a mastery of the swimming skills. I am struggling, but can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can swim in the English language quite well.  Life in South Africa by default is English. It is a dominant language. English is a lingua franca.

I had to commit myself and direct my purpose to study at the University. I appeared impossible to join the English world at that stage, but here I am finishing my B-tech degree in a university of technology. So, nothing is impossible if you have a vision.

Yes, I have had some challenges for English is an additional language in Congo.  Bit by bit I have tried and it takes a lot of doing; lots efforts in order to work your way through. I had to  learn English soon otherwise I couldn’t find myself in the place I am today.  

I have discovered that with media, I can achieve a lot to improve my performance in English.  I would be  an ungrateful man if I have finished my studies without saying a word of thanks to Hermon and Thembinkosi Mtonjeni. Thembinkosi spent time assisting with my  projects at Fundani Centre for Higher Education Development. From them I am truly have learned a lot, so that I salute you guys!

To my media lecturer, Marian Pike, the one who controls media at CPUT, I would like to end by saying one word, “You have been my preferred lecturer. Otherwise I am indebted to your guidance, sincerity patient and support. I am very grateful to you, and I will forever be your student”.  

The sincerity through which I express my gratitude shows not only support I have received in a foreign country, but acceptance, joy and respect that I was given despite going through a lot as a foreigner in South Africa. It means that real change and progress in Africa is possible, only if people can work together, as I was assisted by people of different races. They will forever stay in my heart, mind and spirit. They are welcome in my home country in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Laughter is a medicine for all universal problems. Like music it is appreciated and practiced fully by everyone. Through laughter, a child shows recognition of the people around her before she could utter a word in a particular language. Laughter is a key communication tool for good vibes, good deeds and good feelings. It is a sign of appreciation for a job well done.

People can saying encouraging words, but if they do not laugh with you sometimes, their encouragement is not taken seriously. Laughter has been accused of making people obese. It is a medicines to keep families and friends together.

Scientifically proven to be a stress reliever laughter is shared widely more than love can ever be. Laughter is normal, automatic, meaningful and sincere. Laughter is love!



Being a student is a long way to go. You cannot study for two days then you become a better student or you finish your all program. Be patient and go ahead steadily. Reading should be part of life that you have chosen. Having an academic paper shows that all the effort you have made during that journey has been rewarded.

Yet to be a graduate from University is not an easy task, but it is about working hard and surrendering all your efforts in the hands of God. The journey of being a student does concern the use of consciousness and good effort, started from one to Five which you will get the honours is a long way.

As I have said all above to persevere in your life is to challenge the failure and achieve the goals that you have set before going to school. It is a about having better plan for the future. The day of graduation becomes a big memory to each everyone who has passed through that journey of being a student and achiever as well. It is the product of what has been planned for many years.

Some students who graduated celebrated this day in many ways while others just thank God for what he has done to them during the long period of schooling. Some scientists used “ Be a students and gain your qualification it is better than having a lot of  money in the house because the money can be finished but your academic paper never get finished until you  will die’’ and other said this “ the study is a key of success to the entire of life for the human being ”.  

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I thank God for bringing his word to pass in my life; I have received a prediction from a servant of God that he saw me becoming a beloved and now the Lord blessed me with better life in many ways. I was offered the post of a manager in Shield “God is good all the time, all the time God is good”.

I had been experiencing a sharp pain in the past while my wife had an operation on 15.05.2010. Then I have decided to conduct myself as the man of God in order to support my wife by staying in prayers. Pastor Bienvenu Mukoko spoke during his ministration that someone had been healed of such a pain and I got healed immediately, praise be to Jesus the only one on this earth can be able to assist us.
My wife has been unemployed for a long time after she had an operation but with the grace of God in order to contact the man of God Pastor Bienvenu Mukoko, then she got a job without any complication in the biggest companies, praise the Lord.

My wife was scheduled for surgery well along. The operation was well done. But the doctors told us we must watch out. We went to see the man of God Pastor Bienvenu Mukoko for prayers where he told us that only God can say something to change the life of someone. Carry on, we went to the Hospital after few years and as pastor had said it, only God can “lock a person his life” the doctors said the test showed she didn’t need surgery again, glory to God. If God is with us no one can separate us to him.


Let me write because I got something to share with my readers who are interesting in my publications for each every week. But, if I have to say something you will judge me as talkative man or I have the rights to challenge everyone. As a person I do need to consider very well it is important to do better things well. Why am I saying this once again?

It is because other people forget to be or to stray to their places in life. Before doing something good or wrong as human being, you may ask yourself, how old am I not to control the fact of life? That is the guideline for a responsible life. So many people do not think before doing something or making a statement.

How old must you be to know how old you are to live a good legacy? The adults behave more in unfair ways that the young one imitate and mess up good life. We must not learn from the elders when in doing bad things, but follow the good examples they have set. That would be the start of our consciousness.


Be a trailblazer, minister or a politician it is neither a game nor an easier role in lifetime but is a harsh reality to constantly prove your leadership qualities, especially when your comrades demonstrate hatred and disapproval toward you. It may be wise to consider the power of any human being particularly when it is used wrongly to destroy than to build a nation. Some people realise that achieving the task does not concern the ability of being bold because sometimes those unthinking can be an obstacle in the way.  
All I can say is that any human being who aspires to be a leader has five senses that command the person: these five senses should be used to the optimum. Being prudent, honest and incorruptible are the critical virtues and principles that guide and direct one’s prowess in the leadership position. Intellect and education alone are not enough, but to learn, apply and master the rules of the game.
The majority of politicians in the World today, especially in Africa where the problem of leadership face more challenges than those who fought against colonialism and apartheid. Then, people were united against the enemy – disenfranchisement. Today, they found enemies everywhere including among their comrades – backstabbers.

The theory on self-determination is very good if used with a powerful strategy based on helping the population. Properly put, it may be so wonderful to point out the Congolese minister, Richard Muyej, as an example of leading the task of a minister of home affairs, culture and national security. He is excellent. All the qualities enumerated above suit him very well. Africa needs leaders and servants of the people like him.

Therefore, Richard has courage to face everyone and work with all dedicated to the greater good for the entire Congolese country. He is a man with strong vision and determination. This minister, in the Democratic Republic of Congo is well-known for hating corruption and is used to fight against conflict in many departments. One day, God will place him in a better place where he will enjoy the fruits of his endeavour, recognised for having played a better part in the reconstruction and development of Congo.
As he normally says, “together we can progress”.


In many ways, life today is far less risky than in the past, yet great reputation is given to risk and its consequences. Despite technological advances and declining  life expectancy, we incline to perceive the world as progressively ambiguous and impulsive. Lets  think before in order to avoid the penalties of life.

Therefore, the men used to say that we could do whatever we wish, or what would like to do. better opportunities come once in a lifetime. This means that men who take risks are likely to be successful in life.

Marriage is a sacrifice for both sex (female and male), as it was meant to be done only once in the entire lifetime.  Of course, other people do not agree with the Bible and have taken a new direction based on cultural dictates that allow men to marry many wives at same time. The practice of polygamy is against the Bible’s teachings. Polygamy is a risk one should not take.


The past in lifetime never comes back and our limitations do go away when we became adults. Some people used to dream that one day they could go back on track and lead a better life as opposed to the past of poverty, diseases and underdevelopment.

“The statute of limitations has expired on most of our childhood trauma” is beautiful mantra for one to transform and do well. One can change the time on the watch but you cannot change of 20 years into 10 years of age. Nature’s time is irreversible. During that period of your life you had better follow your dreams.
Therefore, take normal time (not more, not less) to avoid the past mistakes. This does not mean you cannot take a lesson from what you have done in the great past. Remember, age is anywhere but with certain age, you may face some challenges because your limitations are increasing. So, those limitations you encountered as a child tied to the back of your mother were no limitations compared to what you have seen and endured as an adult.

You choices, the people you prefer and love have been an obstacle to your fulfilment of your childhood dreams. Both the external and internal impediments have been really influential. To be young is temporal, and as you grow limitations don’ go away: they grow with you. Jean Jacques Rousseaux once said, “a man is born to be free, but is in chain everywhere”.  

Without escaping the realities of life, everything has its own season. We cannot blame winter because summer is gone. For our generation, the limitations sometimes do exist along the way but our expectation of life is still the same. We must focus on the task ahead of uniting Africa from Cape to Cairo, Madagascar to Morocco. A brave African man can use his ability to focus on the better things life has bestowed on us such as getting married, be educated, supporting other people in many ways, doing business, multiplying friendship, reducing enemies and investing in love.

Controlling your limits is a key to success. Age does not control a person but the brain comes in the first position in order to grab life’s mistakes. Develop a winning mentality for the betterment of the continent’s populace.