Tuesday, 25 September 2012


It could be sometimes unfair to enlighten or to express to other people what I will do before to die. Death must be a secret even the seasoned writers do not want to share. To write is not necessary mean to inform of what you intent to do, but to persuade the reader to follow your arguments, and in order to conceive a thought about phenomena.

Life is too short, yet life can be lived to the fullest. Life has plentiful things to enjoy. People do make promises, “until death do us apart”, forgetting that death is always knocking at ones door. In Xhosa they say, “ukufa kusembizeni” (death is inside the pot). One can see similar that throughout the African continent people have come to realise that death is imminent. In Swahili they say, “Kifo ni rafla” whereas in French they say, “La mort est subite ou bien brusque”.

Each every one before to knock off the earth needs to understood what exactly life is all about. Every day our agenda must be to make plans for a better life for all. Some people could start by having big dreams. Now, everyone needs to write down a list of the things h really like to accomplish in life for the benefit of humanity.

Order your priorities and share your dreams with your kids. Tell them about your purpose in life. Tell them what they need to do to become human beings. Teach them about the value of education to shape up their future and that of many generations to come. Teach them to write 100 things they would like to achieve before they die. 

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