Tuesday, 23 July 2019


                CAN WE TRUST THE WORD OF GOD?

In life today, we are living by ignorance because we are all pretenders.We pretend to know; to understand; to live and die by the word of God. Sometimes, we want to do too much than just follow Jesus’s principles. We confuse God. The question that comes to mind is, “Why are we doing the things we are doing?”, “Do we not trust the word of God that we resort to other things – earthly things?”

Ignorance in the context of the church means failing to commit to prayer times; not teaching their
children the value of worshiping God; not being honest with themselves; wanting to please the Pastor or Bishop. Hurting each other with deeds and words as well as failing to the truth are best examples of how ignorance rules the lives of the members of the church.

Besides, we have so many opportunities to work for our mighty God. He has given all of us, to each and everyone,a proper time to worship – to praise and glorify His name. Time wasted will never come back. It will never return. Be wise.The Bible has recommended that we be wise at all times. Therefore, wake up and shake that IGNORANCE off. Yeah, people today are in the business of consuming wrong perceptions. Everywhere you go people in their social life are consumed with the desire to get money, by hook or crook.

Yeah, there are so many crooks even in the church of God. People do not want to earn decent living by being honest. They want to steal from God. In society, we hear stories about commissions of inquiry – investigations into the wrong-doing by people in suits.

However, at the Baptist Church, we have been blessed!Pastor Peter John Cornelius and his team – all men and women of God – take care of people both spiritually and financially. They convince the pagan to Christian. This team is implementing the mission of the church – to transform people’s lives; to save souls; to protect ordinary people from IGNORANCE.

John 3:16 speaks of the power of love that our powerful God has given to us his beloved son in order for all of us to be saved from the sin. The Claremont Baptist Church is now a great place whereby the word of God is preached with sincerity, and the greatest of honesty. There is no doubt in the minds of his believers in Cape Town that Reverend Pastor Peter John Cornelius has received an extremely powerful gift. He continues to share with us his gift from Heaven. He is honest and sincere in every word he is uttering when he preaches.

Some people in this world believe that being a Christian is waste of time. They say,“Christians are poorer than pagans”. Yes, there are pastors that we see on television screens every day that are millionaires.But the truth is you cannot buy the word of God. It is not for sale. It does not matter how rich you are; how many millions you have; if you do not live and die by the word of God your life is meaningless. You are forever in pain – the pain of IGNORANCE.

The Bible says, “What shall profit the man to gain the world and loose his soul?”In order to survive on earth, we need to work and earn decent salaries. We are talking about clean money. Well-deserved money. Not stolen money. No blood must be shed before we earn our living. That is not Godly ways. The word of God is more than money!

The pagans can boost as much as they like. The angels in Heaven won’t open the gates them. They will rot in hell. Money cannot by you love. Money cannot buy you happiness. Money cannot buy you salvation. Money will be left behind during the D-Day. All your riches will mean nothing during the last day. But praise and worship will you allow to enter the Heavens and eat with Angels and their God, your God.

Already, if you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior,your suffering will be no more. For the no-believers Sunday is the day of enjoyment; the day of spending time drinking alcohol and feasting with pagan friends. For us, Christians, Sunday is the day of our Lord.It is a special day to recognize the work God has done for us during the week. We say, “Thank you Dear Lord”. Thank you for giving seven days to do our work. Thank you for giving a gift of life. Thank you for giving energy, mind and spirit. We do not need to drink beer or whisky to gain spirit. Our spirit in the Bible: it is not in the bottle. Ours is in the prayer. Ours is in rejoicing with the Lord. Ours is in praise and worship.

The Bible declares in Acts 19:12 and Mark 16:17 the power of healing.Here, we read about healing and deliverance. Jesus Christ used to heal, bless and deliver the people who believed in his power. Nowadays, those powers are transferred to the man of God,Reverend Pastor Peter John Cornelius and his humble team. They have a power of the true God. Reverend Pastor Peter is healing some people spiritually. This means he changes a no believer to be a born-again. He is also helping others financially and even physically. It is a gift from God.

Healing is for people who have faith in the power of the universe. Coping with physical challenge and leading a healthy long life means our Lord is in your life. Refer to Romans 10:17 in the Bible. You will learn more about deliverance.If there is a lack of peace in your families, Reverend Pastor Peter John Cornelius is there for you.

Refer to 1 Corinthians 13:13 speaks of faith hope and love. But the greatest of them all is love. At Baptist Church, love is shared by helping out the community. Somewhere out there, there is someone in need. The church has a responsibility to discover those people. Each and every month, people received some package of foods. When are together, even in camping, during sports day, we share stories of love, stories of faith and stories of hope. Even the Bible says this, “it is better to help people who are in need”. 

All in all, in many ways, life today is far more riskier than in the past. Yet people find it difficult to commit themselves to the church.  People must know that with every risk there are consequences. The Baptist Church can help you deal with the consequences, and can help you to avoid risk. The church through its leadership, its prayer and its power of healing, it can save your life. For sure, God has transferred some powers to Pastor Peter Cornelius and his team to do what God wanted for His people.  Say thanks to Him for giving a wonderful gift to Pastor Peter John. In fact, say “Thank you Lord, oh God for giving me life”. 

Say “Thank you” for protecting me against the pagans and their pangas. Please, repent. Reverend Pastor Peter John Cornelius wants to reach all of us,during the services, so that you can get access to God’s blessings. We need to trust in the word of God. The doors of the Baptist Church are open for everyone. Come and claim your prize. The prize of repentance and the Glory of God is for you and your family. Humble yourself, kneel down and pray: you are going to be raised even higher.

Be blessed.

John Basele

Friday, 12 July 2019


la politique en Rdc seme une confusion totale  tant qu'au niveau national et ainsi qu'un international compte-tenu du retard gouvernemental consomme, qui a ete prevu 100 jours apres les elections presidentielles qui ont date depuis Decembre de l'annee ecoulee cad plus de 7 mois.

 De tout ce qui precede, l'appareil judiciaire au Congo RDC semblerait accepter des betises afin de faire retomber le pays dans un autre chaos, lequel chaos risquerait de faire appel a une autre guerre civile ou bien une nouvelle rebellion. Plus loin encore, beaucoup de reunions se font multiplier, helas! aucune solution entre les poids lourds en politique tirre le fait afin de trancher le dit probleme qui ravage le pays entier...

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

L' ANNEE 2017

Dans la vie quotidienne, la vie a des surprises, parfois les autres disent oui, et les autres par-contre critiquent la vie. Tout depend d'une personne a une autre, c'est une etape de la vie.

Pour les Congolais de la RDC, en ce qui concerne, la situation politique ca a ete chaotique dans la mesure ou pas mal de personnes ont perdu leurs vies dans les differents domaines. Cela, a cause un fleau a la population Congolaise qui ne cesse point de reclamer leur liberte etouffee par le gouvernement dans tous les domaines.

Helas! les politiciens Congolais a leur cote, ont chante leur victoire pendant que la population civile s'etait courbee leurs tetes en disant que, au pays ca tient plus! aqui la faute? 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

I know that for sure, my life is going to be more better than today by God's grace.

Love you all,

Thursday, 4 December 2014



Partout dans le monde entier et à tout moment ; certes, le nationalisme et le patriotisme annotent clairement et surtout librement la provenance de tout un chacun sur cette planète terre problématique quelle que soit son orientation de sa vie menée, même si l’état d’émoi servant parfois à nous enquiquiner.

Pour ce fait, les aïeux connaissant mieux que nous, disaient-ils hélas! « TOUTE VERITE N’EST PAS BONNE A DIRE.. », mais permettez-moi chers lecteurs de vous révéler brièvement l’histoire d’un monsieur qui lui, étant aminé par un esprit de colère, décida bon bien de quitter le pays sans pour autant sonder les avis des autres ; mais il est libre de fois. Par-làmême cet homme lança un vrai cri de colère en disant ce qui suit : « Vaut mieux d’être un Vagabond ailleurs au lieu de rester au pays parce que la pénurie déborde ses limites. »

Cependant, Jérémie Brown Kalondji est détenteur dedeux diplômes Universitaires
en génie Civil au Katanga à L’Université de Lubumbashi en RDC et aussi un autre diplôme national en informatique à Cape Peninsula l’Université de la Technologie de Cape Town communément apostrophée CPUT basée sur le fief de Nelson Madiba Mandela que son âme repose en paix.

Loin de là encore, son âge n’est pas un secret du tout pour l’élucider,né au Kasaï Oriental en Février 1970.Certes, Kalondji est marié a Nicole Feza Lunda, père de quatre enfants dont 2 filles et deux garçons tous résidant à Cape Town sur lavenue Coronation Road Maitland au numéro 222B.

Pourquoi alors Kalondji a-t-il empaqueté ses valises étant avant tout un ingénieur afin de se retrouver hors de son fiefun homme de la rue ? Si, tu demandes un pain, je suis tellement optimiste que tu en trouveras dans ton futur, d’où, il faudrait secompulser a maintes reprises c’est à dire faire une psychanalyse cequi est surtout cohérent dans ta vie. Car, dit-on par-ailleurs que l’on récolte ceque l’on a semé n’est-ce-pas ! La crise Congolaise tant économique, politique, sociale, religieuse a scrupuleusement frappé tout le monde sans exception et je dirai même plus. Par-là, donc voici à quoi ressemble notre cher beau pays Congo RDC par-rapport aux autres pays d’Afrique qui avancent du jour aux jours.

Le Congo mon pays et ton pays également est uniquement réservé aux vrais Congolais du sang jusqu’ à preuve du contraire, car le fait de quitter le pays n’est une solution et aussi le fait d’y rester n’est pas une solution non plus.D’où, tu es inévitablement sensé d’apporter ton humble écot afin que le changement total revienne dans tous les domaines, tel même sera la clé du développement de notre cher pays étant considéré comme un pays paradis terrestre du fait qu’il est envié par tous les pays du monde à cause de nos richesses, mineraisetc.

En somme, la vie étrangère a ses propres réalités que la plupart des gens n’ont pas encore su emmagasiner tout cela. Parfois, les images de belles maisons dans des cinémas tournés dans certains différents milieux, des appels téléphoniques y compris des mensonges des gens pour attirer et provoquer la jeunesse de quitter le pays sans le vouloir, de bonnes routes, des photos envoyées au pays. Partant de cette hypothèse, je ne saurai point énumérer tous les éléments excitateurs carla liste est tellement longue.Sinon, tel est le cas primordial qu’a fait que les gens traversent aisément les frontières voisines sans avoir une vision d’y aller.

Toute personne a sa propre destinée que Dieu lui bel et bien réservée pour mieux
la sauvegarder deux points prépondérants seront obligés d’appréhender dans le dessein de se situer dans le temps et dans l’espace dont se poser la question d’abord Qui suis-je ? Et en plus Suis-je dans ma propre orientation de vie c’est-à –dire une bonne conduite ? la balle est surtout centrée au camp de notre frère Jérémie Brown Kalondji qui lui n’arrive plus à rentrer même au pays pour déguerpir aux humiliations de ses collègues tout en ignorant que, une personne ne peut pas dire non que si Dieu a déjà dit oui et que peut-être ton étoile t’attend au Congo.