Tuesday, 4 September 2012


My big fat dream would be to travel the world. I am adventurous. Though, I have never travelled outside of the South African borders in my entire life, I am determined to do that in my life time. Politics is my life. I can do better than my forbearers. Yes, I can!

My trip would have to commence right here in Africa. There is an encouraging poem about Africa, “Africa My Beginning, Africa My Ending” by Ingoapele Madingoane.
The first stanza is so liberating that it speaks about the movement of European adventurous from West to East:
Africa my beginning
They are coming from West
Sailing to East

The last stanza is also a declaration for action. It is an invitation to Africans to start doing something with strength and vigour:
In Africa my beginning
In Africa my ending
Lets do something Mbopha

My first stop would be Zambia. It is merely because I would love to witness the Zambezi falls with my own eyes, as I have heard so many accounts of it. The next stop would have to be Madagascar. It seems to be a beautiful island with wonderful creatures and beaches. Ancient Egypt and Morocco are the home to Africa’s greatest history of humanity.  The pyramids are great contribution to the world knowledge of mathematics and civil engineering. To these two countries, it is like a journey to home.

Before going to Europe and America my journey would lead me to the continent of Asia. I will ‘sail to the East’ since this is a poetic prophecy. Everyone adventurous in the world always go to the East. The Portuguese and Italian greatest explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Bartolomeu Dias ventured to the East. Comlumbus got lost to the West. With the new emerging markets in the East I think I must begin my journey to the Eastern civilisation.  

I would begin by going to Thailand be she seems to be a beautiful country with a rich heritage and various national monuments. I would then possibly visit China and India to experience their ambient culture and the way they live. I would also make a stop at United Arab of Emirates and visit Dubai to experience the glitz and glamour the city is known for.

I would then travel to the continent of South America, and the county I would visit is Brazil. I would make it to Brazil in time for the Rio Carnival as I have heard that it is the best time to visit the country.

I would then visit the U.S.A. I would make sure I visit the country whilst the African son of the soil, Barak Obama, is still in power. I will bring him luck to stay in power until Africa is fully developed, and enjoys the mighty of its own as it is had been naturally and divinely endowed. Africa is gifted with natural resources enough to make anyone self-sufficient and self-actualised.

About the USA I can think of such cities as Los Angeles, Miami, New York City and Chicago.

Unlike a conqueror, an explorer, and colonialist in the Ingoapele’s poem I do not intend to colonise. I respect humanity. I like the people.
 Source image: Hortence Banza Basele's  camera.

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