Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Money is an economic commodity for exchange. It has defined our value in life. We all need money in order to survive, but we must not be a slave of it. Pursuit of wealth affects any human being. People seek money in many ways. Others terminate lives to get it. Compassion and mindfulness used to guide economic systems of the past, especially in Africa. But, today, be it a businessperson, a pastor in the church, a thug, a prominent figure in the society, they are all driven by desire to have more money. Some principles get washed away from the fabric of the society because of this money worshiping syndrome.

The world has become corrupt. Other people follow wrong ways for the sake of getting money faster. Killing people; selling drugs; hijacking cars; doing prostitution; armed robberies and illegal human trafficking are some of the many reasons why the demon of money needs not to be worshipped blindly. Of course, we all need money but we must get it by following the proper channels.

The money issue world is complex. There is unfair competition between the poor and powerful countries. The underdeveloped countries were robbed of their wealth, intelligence and human spirit to serve the insatiable greed of the wealthy countries. The ruling and controlling class even in the poor countries are controlling the resources and end up causing massive starvation and diseases. All is done because they need money to save their skins.

“More money more problems” sums it up. But this should not be the end in itself. Money should be used correctly as means to solve problems. Money coupled with the love human beings, respect for human rights, understanding of the collective need for development, putting an end to exploitation of the powerless is a route of all world goodies.  
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