Friday, 29 June 2012


This is amazing to talk about it, Brian May, original member of super group Queen, was in Cape Town last night to lend his support to the Born Free Foundation and Pride of Africa, two initiatives that assist the conservation and rehabilitation of lions in Africa.
Furthermore, at the Grand Cafe in Granger Bay, May and his protege, Kerry Ellis, of the Queen Musical, dedicated their efforts to Virginia McKenna, an active member of the Born Free Foundation and tireless supporter of animal conservation.
May strummed to an awestruck audience while Ellis sang I Loved a Butterfly. They then launched into an adaptation of Born Free, a song originally written by Don Black for the 1966 movie Born Free about Elsa the lioness, which won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. McKenna starred in the film.
May ended his set by singing Crazy Little Thing Called Love, written by the late Queen front man Freddie Mercury. The Born Free Foundation and Pride of Africa are joining forces to launch a project by Wild in Art and the Shamwari Group to place lion sculptures, painted by significant artists, throughout the V&A Waterfront to highlight the plight of the lions. The project is to be propelled in May next year.
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In life, a greater person must think forward. Success motivated as the person who I am, is a better acknowledgment of my abilities that clues the company that I’m working on, to give me responsible jobs, a good money package and a better respect in the company motivates me the most. By my own achievements, to achieve new milestones in my career keeps striving for better and better enactment. This is the case at least with me I get motivated by fear and desire. Let your obvious dissatisfaction and unhappiness is your source of motivation.
Furthermore, just make a change, take a risk! You have one unplanned at this life, what are you to come for? Only uninteresting people get bored and unproductive people find nothing to do. Life is art and you are unbelievably gloomy. Bodybuilding your quirks or take up drugs and have an escapade. STOP making excuses. It is never that serious in the unfarmed life.
The fact that I do not know what the day has in store for me motivates me to get out of bed. You never know who you will meet or what you will see. If I am going to go somewhere, I take my time getting dressed and ready. That's part of the excitement I think. Because where ever I end up, I want to look really good! You would be surprised at the number of heads you turn and the things you can get for free while out ;). Those little looks here and there really do wonders for your self-esteem and then you start to have more fun as the day goes than you start get motivated.

Friday, 22 June 2012


The music makes life better to other people, a celebrity star called Adam Lambert is extensively thought of as one of the most brilliant guitarists in the world that based on his magic guitar. The category of rock music he is well-known for is not as popular as it once was, with dance and R&B tunes projecting higher these days.
However, a celebrity Lambert is set to play a series of shows later this year. American Idol star Adam Lambert will front the performances. Lambert appropriated part in the eighth term of the TV vocal contest, coming in second place behind Kris Allen. He is always on top of the music in UK and US.
Finally, he was passionate of his career, then, the show exposed in 2009 and as soon as Brian saw Lambert, he knew he wanted to work with him.  Yet, it's very stimulating, we are touring with a young man called Adam Lambert so it will be very different and new," he told BBC Radio 1. It is clear to say that Lambert has made a feeling indeed and has an unbelievable voice of singing.


1. Defencelessness when chatting to someone else.
2. Online banking, transacting money through online banking have changed paying bills which could take all day to just a few minutes..
3. Someone hacking into your account pretending to be you up-dating your status.
4. Getting for more information as fast as possible, and it doesn’t take much time to find it
5   Meeting someone from your past and you just can’t seem to get the bad memories off your mind.
6. Speaking and catching up with friends who are in oversees, it is as if they are just around the corner and have never left.
7. Follow in love with someone without knowing her behaviour..
8. Looking for reviews of a product or service in advance of a possible purchase – its helpful to know about other stuff experiences when taking into account of something original
9. I believe our life spray across group of social media networks… there is no such thing as secrets and don’t even try to keep anything to yourself… if its not on your page somewhere – its on a friend’s or somewhere
10.  Misinterpretations during conversations because there is no face-to-face interaction
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Patrice Emery Lumumba was viewed as a revolutionary leader for his ability to empower and motivate others using his strong regard for consensus and the democratic process. Lumumba's leadership success can be attributed to his use of consensus. Consensus is considered the superior decision making process to build commitment and motivation between group members to achieve group objectives.
During the colonial period he was discovered as a powerful man who as potentialities of an African leader and also as a revolutionary leader and helped organize the fight against racism in Congo Belgium similar to the style of the apartheid time in South Africa as well. 
However, Lumumba was a strong man with vision; he observed leadership at a young age while observing his guardian supervising tribal decision-making gatherings.  After everyone had spoken, his guardian guided the group to reach a consensus. Later, Lumumba used this experience to meld his leadership style. Patrice Emery Lumumba was the first Black Prime minister of Congo Belgium and currently DRC and he was one of the most instrumental figures that helped end racism in Congo Belgium and currently DRC by claiming freedom in the country.



Some people are confused about this Elephant in the room, is it the decoration or you see big girl in your room then it terns you down not having interest on her, life is very fanny.
Humanity shocked to realize we have not yet explained the origin of wind, a woman whose husband sleep-smothers her with a pillow two hours after he has fallen asleep every night, a man who keeps the elephant he won during a poker game in his and his wife's bedroom, the colour purple erased from existence. Despite the plain absurdity of its many settings, this collection is not funny.
 Not soon, after we've had our chuckle over these otherwise typical worlds turned seemingly comical by the addition of the strange, we quickly realize that we were wrong to do so; these are troubled worlds, skewed by a loss of normalcy, and no laughing matter. Each bizarre premise serves to increase dramatic tension--the ever-looming sense of "the other" creeping in and distancing the central character from her/his loved one(s).

Friday, 8 June 2012


Maria grew up believing everything taught by elders, especially her parents because she believed in them in order to obey the bible scriptures. She puts all her trust to them and that they will not let her down. The scenario that says, “Love them all and trust no one” did not work to me those days. As she grew up and she realize that her parents were sometimes not accomplish they promises but at that time I was easy forget.  When you are young, you do not get hurt easily.  When you cry for something your mother will promise to buy it tomorrow, but bear in mind that by tomorrow you will forgot that especially when they bring nice children stuff.
She trust many people, but they are disappointed her. She trusts her friends whom she thought were her soul sisters, but they all let her down. She even trust and help those crying for help, but they bad mouth to her. Then she realizes that the scenario “love them all but trust no one” is true. Nevertheless, by trusting someone you can make a good friendship. By trusting someone, you can share your secrets, a shoulder to cry on. By trusting someone you can work together to achieve your goals.
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Most of people do believe that each and every day is a good day or that is not true because not every day supposed to be good to a certain group then it depend. However, you not living in this world that everyone lives, today is fine and tomorrow not. We all want to have good days. However, can every day be a good day that cannot happen anywhere?  It can be while we will always have difficulties, and our "good days" often feel better when there are "bad days" to compare them to, there are steps you can take to relieve stress and promote happiness so that all of your days are a little better--or a lot. How to have a good day, and make every day the best it can be.
Nevertheless, to other class of people Life's pleasures can add a quick lift to your mood, which can provide other benefits as well. There are many little pleasures you can add to your life to have a good day every day--tea, a warm bath, a walk in the park, etc. As long as you vary them and enjoy some of them in moderation, pleasures in life can really brighten your day, every day.
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