Monday, 17 September 2012


Conversations permit for an exchange of information to take place. Through conversations we are able to learn new information and share knowledge. Conversations contribute to the intellectual growth of a person; the more we know the better we become accustomed to our environment.
We all have conversations simply because as human beings it is important to have some sort of communication in order to understand what the next person is thinking.

Conversations nowadays take place not just face to face but also through various mediums such as social media tools, electronically though e-mails, telephonically and via the letters. I personally engage in conversations with people usually because I want to know what their opinion is regarding a certain issue, or may be because I want to know more about them.

Regardless what the reason may be behind why I have conversations I feel that having conversations is the way of life. As humans we all have the need to engage in conversations each day may it be at work or school or even at home. It is good to have face to face conversation because you can tackle the issue head on and be able to correct some mistakes right away as well as be able to judge the facial expression of the other person: it is something that is missing in conversations through technology.


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