Friday, 23 March 2012


You must go back to your country!
At Bloom shopping in Belville in the department of Safety and Security leading by HR manager Eric Bwalya, the foreigners who are working there are neglected at their workplace. This is a sign of discrimination, but what can they do as people because they are from the other country seeking a better life and make peace in South Africa especially in Cape Town?
However, some of them at Bloom Shopping lost their jobs last week without any valid reason, or a simple warning. There is a protocol one has to follow before dismissing an employee and in this case it hasn’t been followed. The company forced the foreigners with their two attorneys by writing each everyone a letter that states that their contracts are expired in two days even you have more than six months, than to be a permanent employee.
For this case based on their workplace issue, “this is how my company has been operating and behaving and has been successful so no one can come and change the rules and regulations of this company” Said the HR. This company offers jobs to foreigners to create ways of helping a number of people from other countries while our citizens’ struggle at home without money for bread.


In life, we must know where we belong in order to avoid certain problems. It also means before talking to someone about anything, it will include a rational contract in terms of life. The matter proves that a person must judge himself instead of being judged by others or society in general. Respect should be a crucial factor in engagement between individuals. Factors for effective conversation should include knowing the person or the audience, relevant subject and environment.

Familiarize yourself with local etiquette and also practice it frequently. A consequence of limited knowledge of etiquette could result in maltreatment of others.  Everyone is born with a sense of right and wrong and etiquette is formed with this knowledge as a basis. How can different cultures co-exist peacefully and who decided what culture is the supreme right? The topic mentioned above shows that we are what we do, which is wrong sometimes.

This statement is a very philosophical in terms of logical life these days. It concerns to build an aiming to each and everyone in order to reach massive audiences by adopting the nature for the future and help address major social and environmental issues. At the end of the day, a new link between a person and nature is the understanding that telling people what to do doesn’t work. Therefore, our creations are things people simply like, which incidentally help them to do more.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Image source;John's wife on blackberry
In life, it is very important to say in terms of love to your baby darling each every day at any time, I truly love you baby, you are for me; my angel, my sweetheart, my sweetie pie and you are also everything to me. Then a baby girl who  got a stronger answer said “Yes’ me too my honey, you know what baby you are more than water to me because no one can stay without drinking water in life baby.

Baby girl, you know what, it will be punishments to me based on love secrets if I didn’t say I love you only for a day. Remember that baby girl, the first day we meet at Muizenberg beach, on Sunday afternoon on the 17 December 2011 during the summer period in a cool weather. I have asked God inside my heart if she is one of those angels in heaven but now on earth. Because she is so much beautiful, pretty like Jesus’s mother, I thought she is a queen from the heaven who controls the sky.

However, I’m now crazy in love because of you, baby girl ”my angel” if I look at your face I see beauty. Being cross or hungry, truly speaking I get fine like nothing was happening to me. Baby girl, your eyes are so nice and attractive to me, your smile drives me crazy, your body is wonderful my baby angel. Yet, the way you talk to me over the phone it makes me a fool of love, the way you dance in front me it seems like the wind blows to me, I cannot compare you with anybody on this earth, baby girl with the love I received from you my angel is too much to tell. Tell me surely the price for the heaven promise I will buy for you. Thanks my lover.


image source; Internet.
Refers to the Bible.
Avoiding the iniquities in life such as killing people, drinking and stealing are the biggest matters that the bible disagrees with people on the planet earth.  But, we all know that what Jesus said is that we should not be afraid of what people think of us or what they can do to us, but instead be afraid of the Judgment of God because it’s only him who has the final decision as a creator.

Nevertheless, as a Christian who is afraid of God, we should be very worried about our coming Judgment. The Judgment day that is coming soon according to the bible. We will be recompensed for how unquestioningly we have lived our lives. If we have lived a life that disregards God and His wishes mentioned above, then it is natural to fear His Judgment day. In fact, we should fear it enough to change our lives and begin doing what he wants us to do.

Friday, 9 March 2012


Source image: fish from the sky internet.

Most people believe that staying home they can easily have access for getting money while others are working very hard at any kind of jobs in terms of living which is a dream. Be a man, it is a big fight of life; you may not ask God why you are a man.  Some lazy people have dreams about money thinking that the money flows down like” fish falling from the sky” as mentioned in the title.

This article has lot meanings in terms of life, yet by controlling ourselves we may be able to tackle the real sympathy of the topic. As we all know that South Africa shows greater image of a fish falling from the sky in the way that most people prefer to relocate from their countries to South Africa.

However, all foreigners contribute to the development of the country in terms of working hard. But the majority of them used their skills to catch the fish falling from the sky which means that they worked hard and took the opportunities. In life, you must use your mind and you will absolutely be successful and have money at any time, you cannot just sit down and wait for the money as if it will fall down from the sky, it cannot happen.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Before a Cat in the Court For Judgement.

Please, I' m the man of God with power!!

I was confused, wondering why this was happening to me. I was in disbelief about the situation of my money which is I lost. The situation became more complicated when the first investigation from overseas detectives proved that no one had touched my apartment during that period that I went to Brazil, therefore implying that I am responsible for the disappearance of my own money.

However, if you look at this matter correctly; I can’t involve SAPS because I knew that South African laws do not condone drug trafficking, let alone keeping a lot of money in the house. So I decided to speak to the man of God called Prophet Isaac in the Assembly of God for messengers at 146 Coronation Road Maitland Cape Town near to his house, in order to find out the truth because I wasn’t satisfied with what the overseas investigators’ findings

I had some weeks of praying and fasting with Prophet Isaac and other church members. The praying started at church then eventually ended up at the house as well. But my spirit was extremely weak because I wasn’t familiar with that kind of life of adoring God and praying. After four weeks of praying, prophet had a vision that the cat called Cherie Maria is double faced.

The prayer group also informed me of the same vision that the prophet had after four days, but at that time the Prophet had already informed me. Because of the love that I had for my cat, i demanded that the church give me proof that i can see with the naked eye. So the prayer group, prophet Isaacs and I decided to go to my house to pray for the cat, so that we can see its double faces

. As we all reached my house, the cat Cherie Maria was dancing and rejoicing in front of the church members. Based on the cat‘s strange behaviour to the church members were his cat rejoices his birthday by dancing in front of people it was confirmed to the church members that the cat had to be punished in the name of God, but this does not prove anything to me, as i have had the cat for a long time and i have seen no act of evil from it…

Thursday, 1 March 2012


God loves us!!!

Everybody should be happy that they are alive and should also give thanks to God for the strength they are provided with, to sustain them for the day.  But one has still a long way to go, the question is why?  God has all the answers to our questions. There are several humankind questions that can be complex but the Bible has the answers and it provides a clear understating of how the world is shaped. 

Earth is the only planet that humans are able to live on because it is a rock, rather than gas planet such as Jupiter; earth is just the right distance away from the sun to facilitate water, food and suitable warmth.  Also, life has had the time to evolve for survival with earth's atmosphere, gravity and other life forms and not that of, say, Mars.

Most people in this world for today realize that having cars, houses, money are important for them it maybe yes,  because the bible says you do not judge people  only the one who have  that authority  is God himself, it's the laid back Caribbean country of Central America! It's a favorite of those seeking a calmer lifestyle in close proximity to the wonders of nature.
Most people in this world today seem to be defined by their materialistic possessions. The bible talks about issues such as these on the book of Mark verse 10: 15-20 The bible says. 


                                                                                                                             Promise, I will kill you!

Unbelievable in life but it is true nothing else said Richards; now serious investigations must be done in order to tackle the matters. Nonetheless, after he has discovered that few days ago the issue of missing money inside the house remained downhearted these days but as a man, he must have a second plan to avoid an unconscious against his beloved cat Maria. He knew that by thoughts the fact that only a cat was in the house which means no one else took his money but the first suspect was his cat.

The first investigation began at his dwelling by the private policemen from UK and USA. As we all know that to start any investigation, some open questions must be asked to people involved for this circumstance it concerns Richards and his cat only. So, how are they expect accordingly  do an investigation to a cat while it is not talking only his body linguistic but those detectives from overseas will definitely get paid through doing a proper job of course? Then after getting all information based on the questionnaire and other research.  

According to the report from the detectives, it seems like no one  touched his apartment all along besides himself when he was back home from Brazil,  while a cat is always in the house, which means the owner of the house is the one who is responsible for his lost money…


  The nature has got many realities but the wind it is a part of it. Blue and white are most influential colours in terms of the ecological nature based on lifestyle. In all over the world, the sea and lake have an impact of getting rest and enjoying the nature. Most people decided to view those colours of the wind, also on the mountain.
However, by following the colours of the wind, some people misplaced their lives. In Summer time, for example, we all know that it is a greater time to view beautiful weather because the wind blows and the sun shines. At Muizenberg beach, during summertime In December people come over from several places to enjoy themselves in the good weather but many incidences of people drowning were found by swimming deeper without any control.

Blue and white colour symbolizes   the real power of the sea in terms of nature, people in summertime period define that, there is paradise around them. The lovers are enjoying themselves a lot in many ways; it could be to the sea or the Mountain View. Nonetheless, a bird called pigeon, mighty signified also an entire image of some colours of the wind in terms of life nature even biblical as well.