Thursday, 26 July 2012

And Warhol said," In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes." You can't choose the 15 minutes but why would you be world famous?

In this world, we all know that many people want to be famous, and public figures like many musicians and stars such as Koffi Olomide, Yusundur, Papa Wemba, Werra Son, Felix Wazekwa and so more it because are influencing the new generation in several ways of lifestyle based their music’s and also part of their roles modelling? Not everyone has got that gift of becoming a musician. People can be recognized for many things in life. Being good in sport, business or politics can make one powerful and famous, as we see some of the play rugby, soccer. What is important is to be a positive influence, a role model and a humble person. One should not allow fame to take control of his or her life.
 It is important to note that not everyone will be famous in life. Of course it is possible to be famous for 15miniutes. Now we have so many social nets that can easily generate fame for people, especially for wrong reasons. Should we invest in that type of unsustainable fame?
The likes of Nelson Mandela, Laurent Kabila, Nkwame Nkrumah, George Washington, Princess Diane, Mahatma Gandhi, Kenneth Kaunda, Desmond Tutu, Oliver Tambo, Julius Nyerere, Mother Theressa and many others have demonstrated good characters, compassion and good vision for the humanity. Why not emulate their examples! 
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Being a leader is to possess a great character, vision and skill to mobilise people positively to work for the nation. In South Africa, we have so many leaders. Some of them are unknown, ranging from families to the upper echelons of power in business and government.
A true measure of a leader is not material wealth but a spiritual gift to lead the people into greatness both individually and collectively. A perfect example of leadership is what Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Chris Hani and many others demonstrated – being last in the queue. They dedicated their lives into the service of the people and were never rewarded handsomely for that. I wonder when will the current leaders learn to bend themselves and be guided by the principles and philosophies that shaped and propelled leaders like Tambo, Hani ,Dlamini Zuma and Mbeki.
A powerful leader is a person who does not see himself, but is appointed by the people of God. His action must be above reproach. Though fallible like any other human being his sins can be easily purged because he or she has a gift. Only a few among many leaders know what it means to be the servant of the people. They instead want to be served by the people as kings, popes and monarchs.
Mostly we find people calling themselves leaders especially in politics, but they do not possess characteristics of good leaders. The lack humility, purpose, direction and vision. They see themselves beyond everybody else. Those leaders tend to amass a lot of negativity and create animosity where they go. They are not blessed!
A true measure of such leaders is to pounce on every opportunity to be corrupt. Greed defines their character. They are the type of belly-sagging leaders that are leading while holding onto their stomachs. Such leaders serve themselves before they people they lead. Therefore, one should know that a leader is born to be. He does not learn to be a leader.  Leadership is ordained or acquired by manipulating people and processes.
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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Two years ago, I was entirely broke after my big business went down. That anywhere it was depressing, siblings and life was a total waste. One day I received first a call from my partners and an email from an online friend, who opened my eyes and introduced me to this program called Construction issues to look for a job and I did, as soon as I was emailing my business proposal to every post I saw on the internet that is in need of unemployed people.
 I started day fancying and night dreaming about me getting a good job or having other people who could assist me in my business that had gone down. But my first priority was to get a proper job that will pay me a lot of money so that I can provide for my family and start looking after my poor family or to go ahead with my small business based in Bellville.
Guess what happened the following year? In 2011 I received a call to go for an interview, I went for that interview and was employed for the job, the excitement that i had was beyond my control, I  laughed, I cried I even thanked God for getting this job. Moreover, I said to myself I am a man with a stronger vision .Because my vision was totally granted by having new contract with other businessperson partners so in life do not lose your hope carry on.



Frank Zappa must had a reason to say that, according to my acuity, I think Rock journalism is the person who has a great background or a better gift of being a journalist just like poetry and the problem is that God gives a men a brain to think more than women, let us say being a journalist is not the fact by having a diploma in journalism but having a proper background in order to make a success of a good work.
In general, not everyone can become Rock journalism only men can be that; most rock journalism is people who can’t write interviewing people who can’t talk for people who can’t read, said Frank Zappa. How can you call yourself a journalist while you are not even able to make a report or an interview to people that is unprofessional?
This is the history of a Rock journalist. 

Rock Journalists are a true counterpart to the rock & roll star. They are the only people in the world who are as fully immersed in music and committed to rock culture as the performers are. Only the journalists are doomed to a rock & roll lifestyle and can articulate the complexity and intensity of it all. Public Relations Management it is really the best  course interms of gaining a proper acquaintance in media skills.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Most of people on this Earth use to think that being a leader is to have a lot of money or to be a celebrity somewhere even talking too much. You can be called a leader because according to some characteristics as a good leader you must know how to talk. Furthermore, leadership is necessary for success, which means a leadership must have that power of influencing people to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. It is also known as the follower and when your followers follow you as the leader, it does not necessary mean that they have to follow you in everything, it can be one or two areas. For example, you might be a very good machine operator and there might be several people coming to you for advice on how to run machine. Leadership is what makes the difference between success and failure, excellence and mediocrity and sometimes even life death. This applies to nations, businesses, schools, churches and families. Good leadership brings good results, bad leadership or a lack of leadership leads to failure, which is not good at all in the society.
Take the example of South Africa. Ask yourself where would the country will be today without the leadership of Nelson Mandela? Today South Africa, got peace instead of war, by having a proper democracy. It says that good leaders are made not born. Nelson Mandela is a great political and moral leader of our times because he made the ANC vision as his vision. He also managed to make a change of a new vision into the hearts of the South African people. He encourages the people of South Africa to learn about each other that’s why he is described as a good leader.


It is very easy to understand that the people who are oriented towards achievement, in general, enjoy life, feel in control, being motivated keeps me dynamic, and gives me self-respect that helps me, achieve my objectives. My best achievement is that I think all my friends and family really know that I love them. That they know they can always come ask my help, and that I will do as much as I can.
The largest of my life
To be born like everyone.
Taking my first step,
The crèche I went when I was a baby, which means Going to crèche for the first time,
Studying the alphabet,
Primary school consisting of how to write and speak properly as a person.
Learning to do long division learning to write
Learning the times tables,
Learning to add and subtract,
Secondary school/Matric /grade 12 how to guide my life.
Learning to use a computer.
Learning to use a cell phone
Passing matric in Congo DRC.
Receive certificate of most neatness learner
Being accepted to do Public Relations Management at CPUT.
Passing by distinction for the first time.
Being granted my first National Diploma.
Being accepted to do B-Tech in PR at CPUT
Being a Christian
Be in touch with God at all the time.
Passing my learners the first time
To talk: it is key element in life to know how to talk to people.
Respect is a priority of my entire life.
Able to walk:  After school, a person must start to work hard
Career, another level of my life.
Family, as usually
Kids, as a mature person I deserve to have my kids
Friendship no relationship no life means create an atmosphere with other people
Listen; it is very important in life to listen to other people better
Hear: before to react you must hear and listen.
Do things for myself:  know how to control yourself.
Sharing: Know how to share ideas in life.
Write; It is very important in your work as a PR Practitioner to know how to write properly
Play; I have to play at right time
Make friends
Still breathing
Wake up
Opening my first bank account
Learning to do group work
The list is endless
Taking my first breath
Chat with people in Congo Yetu  Renové.
 Learning to eat by myself, as a young kid.
Learning to talk to people
Learning on how to Colouring inside the lines
Awarded for being neat and clean at high school.
Staying in a house by myself
Get certificate of appreciation from PASMA
Saying no to drugs/peer pressure
Moving away from home to study
Never Smoking and drink alcohol.
Remaining friends with people that truly care and love me
Always saying please and thank you
Going away alone for the first time
Flying to South Africa.
 Getting my first ear piercing
Writing my first blog
Learning to use a computer/the mouse
Learning to use the internet/research online
Joining Twitter
Joining Facebook by using Congo Yetu Renove.
Being an honest person
Being a good listener
Being a reliable person
Being a good friend
Being a wonderful husband to my wife Hortence.
Trying to live each day without any regrets
I have not been to jai beside to visit people.
Thanks God to help me in order to be a good person.
When I sham and imagine my goals, I visualize the exact achievement of the specifics as if they have already been gifted.
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