Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Soccer in our community can be harnessed as a tool for youth development. Africa has lots of talent (raw material) but this talent is left at its own devices to develop itself. Without proper investment and timely intervention to promote youth soccer many youngsters will not acquire the necessary skills and attitude require for one to be successful. They may be many of the likes of Didier Drogba in our communities, but they may not be as lucky to be discovered early on.
Soccer has proven itself to be very instrumental in promoting integration, peace, harmony and love for humanity. It plays a very important role in our communities in terms of preventing violence among the youth and general community. In some countries such Ghana, Brasil, South Africa, Congo, Zambia and Argentine soccer is encouraged as a tool for community development. Soccer is used to help economically disadvantaged youth to acquire some technical skills and convert what was meant to be enjoyed in the streets by the local people into national and international assets for investment.
The South Africa Football Association together with the government and business created a wonderful platform for development when the FIFA 2010 Soccer World was hosted for the first time in Africa. Opportunities for children and youth living in poverty stricken regions got to see legends, managers and sponsors promoting of soccer in their respective localities. Therefore, soccer is effectively a power tool to mobilize the private and partnership for positive development.

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