Tuesday, 24 April 2012


It is easy to cheat yourself because you have no pride or personality. If you have the fear of God you will develop love and fear of the person. You will also refrain from cheating anybody including yourself.
Are you not comfortable in your own skin? This part of critical thinking evokes a greater responsibility and informed choice that one has to make to live in harmony with others. Some of the factors that cause disharmony, disunity and personal pain come from within us. The fact that people would assert or impose their identity “I am a man” can cause a lot of harm and is a potential danger to other human beings.
Being a man carries a huge responsibility to yourself, your family, your community and the world over.  Sometime, the assertion that one is a man is part of escaping the responsibility of being a “real’ man who has a responsibility within the society.  It should be the people who see you as a man rather than you imposing that on them.
Gross human rights abuse, gender violence, domestic violence and many exploitative practices directed at women and children are often committed by those whose status as men should be known all the time. They tend to hide their own insecurities by hurting others. Does hurting people instead of loving them cleanse the evil spirit from your heart?  
Untruthfulness, dishonesty and lies or making vows that you do know to be false is dangerous to one’s conscience. It creates a rot that runs through the bone marrow of the society. Today, we are confronted with many shocking discoveries about the behaviour of children. They learn that from people whom we consider to be dishonest and unfaithful. Everyone is urged to redesign and reconfigure his or her mentality.
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