Thursday, 12 April 2012


Many horrible things have happened in our lives day in and out. Death and sickness might be part of our lives, but we are all afraid because of our lives are in a continual wander. Our souls are searching through the myriad spheres of earth. Life is full of problems.
When Princess Diana died in a horrible accident, the entire universe came to a standstill. Everybody wondered. Questions were asked, and most of which never got any response to them. Every day in our little corners, we experience death. We lose loved one due to illnesses that could not be accounted for. We lose our princesses and princes.

Maria de Lolo, an HIV positive young, intelligent and vibrant woman from Uvira in DRC died of an unknown illness carried through by an insect that lives in a thick rainy forest.  Her death came as a relief to some local authority as she was a thorn in the flesh - criticising them on the grounds of poor health conditions, corruption and maladministration. As she was born in the royal family, she had been opposed to their style of leadership.

However, many poor villagers cried over her death. Eric Katula, Coordinator of the Uvira Yetu, an NGO that takes care of the sick and homeless, said “tulipotesa leader wetu. tusaidiyane batu na batu” (we have lost a leader. It time to stand up and help ourselves). 

To lose a great visionary in the stature of Maria de Lolo is painful and has to stop. Maria has been a pillar of strength for the poor of the poorest in DRC.  Therefore, government, medical researchers, donors and philanthropists should speed up the process of identifying and supplying drugs to deal with many dangerous illnesses in the tropical region of Africa.
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