Thursday, 12 April 2012


HIV/AIDS does not kill people, but people kill themselves with ignorance. Everyday this monotonous message is getting drummed across, “a human being must be aware that HIV and AIDS kill people at any time. So stop playing around. Watch out!”
Africa has become famous for many HIV related deaths to an extent that you often hear people praying and begging, “Please HIV and AIDS don’t kill me”.  In order to escape consequences in your entire life consider a great potential in truly preventing sexually transmitted disease such as HIV and AIDS, Gonorrhoea, Herpes, etc.  This game of lovers without any control of mind and soul is killing our future.
Consequently, HIV and AIDS is a sickness that gets worse day by day at the moment because of a large number of youth is engaging on unprotected sex, which continues to account for most infections globally. Campaigns against HIV and AIDS around the communities need to unite people and sex without condom should be driven directly from an individual’s consciousness. It is high time that everyone starts this important internal campaign against infectious diseases.

Key principles in life come with many options that can help people to stay out of danger. These principles are to be found in the native social texts and cultural contexts. “Be faithful. Abstain” is well acclaimed in the scripture, and is promoted in many biblical sermons. Only an internal campaign can play an important role in reducing the occurrence of HIV and AIDS in a generalised epidemic.

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