Thursday, 3 May 2012


“Wedding cake in the middle of the road”, I can say without any doubt it is a wild celebration of momentous occasion. It is a celebration of a crazy love and steaming relationship for all those travelling in the surrounding areas can see what it means to be in love.
The wedding cake marks a wonderful day for those in celebrating mood. Wedding anniversaries are something most couple awaits. This is the time when they can commemorate the times they had together. They also dream of beautiful days to come.
Wedding anniversaries are celebrated not just as a symbol of gratitude for couples but also a well-deserving occasion to be celebrated because it is a mark of achievement. In today’s day and age, marriages never last; true love is substituted or outshined by the notion of accumulation and unbridled divorce settlements.  
“Wedding cake in middle of the road” should be regarded as a choice to be exploited, a right to be exercised, and a symbol of love shared. Used to its maximum level love breeds even petty moments so soft yet concrete to prevent the marriage from breaking.
That’s why couples today concoct different ways to make their wedding anniversary special and unforgettable. Whether it is grand or economical, couples find means and ways to show their expression of undying love and ceaseless appreciation for their partners.

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