Thursday, 12 April 2012


Success is normally defined as the process of achieving the set goals. However, success should be viewed also as the by-product in the event where people fail to plan and prepare because they would reap what they have sown. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Jerome Amisi, 87 a year old Congolese gentlemen who was married with 17 children, 27 grandchildren and 40 great grandchildren died in 2011 after managing only Grade 8 studies. He felt at 78 he needed to go to school. He started in Grade R, which came in as a great shock to many in the French speaking countries.
Amisi did well in his studies, but age caught up with him. He could not walk. He could not see. So, he could not read his books which he loved so much. He died living a great example of dedication and imagination.
The new generation needs to look at the life of Jerome Amisi and draw some lessons. One might be equipped with natural intelligence, which made Jerome a great father and grandfather, but having not gone to school might have been an emptiness he suffered throughout his entire life. Preparation is the way to reach the point of a good success in life. It could be financially, physically, psychosocially and mentally beneficial.
To gain or develop high self-esteem it takes courage and cultivation. Jerome is a testimony to that. Because Amisi was a great visionary he left a good example of effective strategic planning. God wanted to use Jerome to teach us that school is a good preparatory ground for ones brain so that young people should not to waste time as they might not be as lucky as Jerome Amisi.

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