Thursday, 1 March 2012


  The nature has got many realities but the wind it is a part of it. Blue and white are most influential colours in terms of the ecological nature based on lifestyle. In all over the world, the sea and lake have an impact of getting rest and enjoying the nature. Most people decided to view those colours of the wind, also on the mountain.
However, by following the colours of the wind, some people misplaced their lives. In Summer time, for example, we all know that it is a greater time to view beautiful weather because the wind blows and the sun shines. At Muizenberg beach, during summertime In December people come over from several places to enjoy themselves in the good weather but many incidences of people drowning were found by swimming deeper without any control.

Blue and white colour symbolizes   the real power of the sea in terms of nature, people in summertime period define that, there is paradise around them. The lovers are enjoying themselves a lot in many ways; it could be to the sea or the Mountain View. Nonetheless, a bird called pigeon, mighty signified also an entire image of some colours of the wind in terms of life nature even biblical as well.


  1. Wow sounds like you a poetic person, the way you express your ideas it shows you have a lot to offer.

  2. You are very descriptive, I really like this piece. You are a poet.