Thursday, 1 March 2012


                                                                                                                             Promise, I will kill you!

Unbelievable in life but it is true nothing else said Richards; now serious investigations must be done in order to tackle the matters. Nonetheless, after he has discovered that few days ago the issue of missing money inside the house remained downhearted these days but as a man, he must have a second plan to avoid an unconscious against his beloved cat Maria. He knew that by thoughts the fact that only a cat was in the house which means no one else took his money but the first suspect was his cat.

The first investigation began at his dwelling by the private policemen from UK and USA. As we all know that to start any investigation, some open questions must be asked to people involved for this circumstance it concerns Richards and his cat only. So, how are they expect accordingly  do an investigation to a cat while it is not talking only his body linguistic but those detectives from overseas will definitely get paid through doing a proper job of course? Then after getting all information based on the questionnaire and other research.  

According to the report from the detectives, it seems like no one  touched his apartment all along besides himself when he was back home from Brazil,  while a cat is always in the house, which means the owner of the house is the one who is responsible for his lost money…

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