Friday, 9 March 2012


Source image: fish from the sky internet.

Most people believe that staying home they can easily have access for getting money while others are working very hard at any kind of jobs in terms of living which is a dream. Be a man, it is a big fight of life; you may not ask God why you are a man.  Some lazy people have dreams about money thinking that the money flows down like” fish falling from the sky” as mentioned in the title.

This article has lot meanings in terms of life, yet by controlling ourselves we may be able to tackle the real sympathy of the topic. As we all know that South Africa shows greater image of a fish falling from the sky in the way that most people prefer to relocate from their countries to South Africa.

However, all foreigners contribute to the development of the country in terms of working hard. But the majority of them used their skills to catch the fish falling from the sky which means that they worked hard and took the opportunities. In life, you must use your mind and you will absolutely be successful and have money at any time, you cannot just sit down and wait for the money as if it will fall down from the sky, it cannot happen.

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