Friday, 24 February 2012


Image source; Internet 2012

 In South Africa, blood has becoming an emblem of flower and water due to higher estimation of crime it means every day instead of getting good news  based on lifestyle which is activating  people daily  then you have started a day with an annoyance affects your entire lackluster system.
How to avoid that crime? It may be very hard and difficult as well but the matter of business by selling the guns to younger kids less than 18 ages old which is wrong. Never less, just what we need: more weapons and even better, increasingly innovative ways to murder and maim each other.
The government wants money in order to pay people, or the government and business sectors are working together. However, the businessmen also need money by selling the guns how come the crime could be down? No one respect the law!  With my money, I can buy whatever I want, that’s also a problem but does not mean I must slaughter other people.

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