Wednesday, 14 March 2012


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Refers to the Bible.
Avoiding the iniquities in life such as killing people, drinking and stealing are the biggest matters that the bible disagrees with people on the planet earth.  But, we all know that what Jesus said is that we should not be afraid of what people think of us or what they can do to us, but instead be afraid of the Judgment of God because it’s only him who has the final decision as a creator.

Nevertheless, as a Christian who is afraid of God, we should be very worried about our coming Judgment. The Judgment day that is coming soon according to the bible. We will be recompensed for how unquestioningly we have lived our lives. If we have lived a life that disregards God and His wishes mentioned above, then it is natural to fear His Judgment day. In fact, we should fear it enough to change our lives and begin doing what he wants us to do.

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  1. Could not have been said any better John. Amen. You convey your message clearly and you tell it like it is according to the Word.