Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Image source;John's wife on blackberry
In life, it is very important to say in terms of love to your baby darling each every day at any time, I truly love you baby, you are for me; my angel, my sweetheart, my sweetie pie and you are also everything to me. Then a baby girl who  got a stronger answer said “Yes’ me too my honey, you know what baby you are more than water to me because no one can stay without drinking water in life baby.

Baby girl, you know what, it will be punishments to me based on love secrets if I didn’t say I love you only for a day. Remember that baby girl, the first day we meet at Muizenberg beach, on Sunday afternoon on the 17 December 2011 during the summer period in a cool weather. I have asked God inside my heart if she is one of those angels in heaven but now on earth. Because she is so much beautiful, pretty like Jesus’s mother, I thought she is a queen from the heaven who controls the sky.

However, I’m now crazy in love because of you, baby girl ”my angel” if I look at your face I see beauty. Being cross or hungry, truly speaking I get fine like nothing was happening to me. Baby girl, your eyes are so nice and attractive to me, your smile drives me crazy, your body is wonderful my baby angel. Yet, the way you talk to me over the phone it makes me a fool of love, the way you dance in front me it seems like the wind blows to me, I cannot compare you with anybody on this earth, baby girl with the love I received from you my angel is too much to tell. Tell me surely the price for the heaven promise I will buy for you. Thanks my lover.


  1. Honouring a loveone like this is very admirable. I tink that she will be so glad that you have publicly made your love known to her.

    However, your sentences are too long. It would have been great if you had added her name and made it more personal with the use of personal pronouns as well.

  2. Ozali kk power, obundaka te eh osuanakate eh kasi. .................