Thursday, 1 March 2012


God loves us!!!

Everybody should be happy that they are alive and should also give thanks to God for the strength they are provided with, to sustain them for the day.  But one has still a long way to go, the question is why?  God has all the answers to our questions. There are several humankind questions that can be complex but the Bible has the answers and it provides a clear understating of how the world is shaped. 

Earth is the only planet that humans are able to live on because it is a rock, rather than gas planet such as Jupiter; earth is just the right distance away from the sun to facilitate water, food and suitable warmth.  Also, life has had the time to evolve for survival with earth's atmosphere, gravity and other life forms and not that of, say, Mars.

Most people in this world for today realize that having cars, houses, money are important for them it maybe yes,  because the bible says you do not judge people  only the one who have  that authority  is God himself, it's the laid back Caribbean country of Central America! It's a favorite of those seeking a calmer lifestyle in close proximity to the wonders of nature.
Most people in this world today seem to be defined by their materialistic possessions. The bible talks about issues such as these on the book of Mark verse 10: 15-20 The bible says. 

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