Friday, 9 November 2012


The past in lifetime never comes back and our limitations do go away when we became adults. Some people used to dream that one day they could go back on track and lead a better life as opposed to the past of poverty, diseases and underdevelopment.

“The statute of limitations has expired on most of our childhood trauma” is beautiful mantra for one to transform and do well. One can change the time on the watch but you cannot change of 20 years into 10 years of age. Nature’s time is irreversible. During that period of your life you had better follow your dreams.
Therefore, take normal time (not more, not less) to avoid the past mistakes. This does not mean you cannot take a lesson from what you have done in the great past. Remember, age is anywhere but with certain age, you may face some challenges because your limitations are increasing. So, those limitations you encountered as a child tied to the back of your mother were no limitations compared to what you have seen and endured as an adult.

You choices, the people you prefer and love have been an obstacle to your fulfilment of your childhood dreams. Both the external and internal impediments have been really influential. To be young is temporal, and as you grow limitations don’ go away: they grow with you. Jean Jacques Rousseaux once said, “a man is born to be free, but is in chain everywhere”.  

Without escaping the realities of life, everything has its own season. We cannot blame winter because summer is gone. For our generation, the limitations sometimes do exist along the way but our expectation of life is still the same. We must focus on the task ahead of uniting Africa from Cape to Cairo, Madagascar to Morocco. A brave African man can use his ability to focus on the better things life has bestowed on us such as getting married, be educated, supporting other people in many ways, doing business, multiplying friendship, reducing enemies and investing in love.

Controlling your limits is a key to success. Age does not control a person but the brain comes in the first position in order to grab life’s mistakes. Develop a winning mentality for the betterment of the continent’s populace.

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