Friday, 9 November 2012


Be a trailblazer, minister or a politician it is neither a game nor an easier role in lifetime but is a harsh reality to constantly prove your leadership qualities, especially when your comrades demonstrate hatred and disapproval toward you. It may be wise to consider the power of any human being particularly when it is used wrongly to destroy than to build a nation. Some people realise that achieving the task does not concern the ability of being bold because sometimes those unthinking can be an obstacle in the way.  
All I can say is that any human being who aspires to be a leader has five senses that command the person: these five senses should be used to the optimum. Being prudent, honest and incorruptible are the critical virtues and principles that guide and direct one’s prowess in the leadership position. Intellect and education alone are not enough, but to learn, apply and master the rules of the game.
The majority of politicians in the World today, especially in Africa where the problem of leadership face more challenges than those who fought against colonialism and apartheid. Then, people were united against the enemy – disenfranchisement. Today, they found enemies everywhere including among their comrades – backstabbers.

The theory on self-determination is very good if used with a powerful strategy based on helping the population. Properly put, it may be so wonderful to point out the Congolese minister, Richard Muyej, as an example of leading the task of a minister of home affairs, culture and national security. He is excellent. All the qualities enumerated above suit him very well. Africa needs leaders and servants of the people like him.

Therefore, Richard has courage to face everyone and work with all dedicated to the greater good for the entire Congolese country. He is a man with strong vision and determination. This minister, in the Democratic Republic of Congo is well-known for hating corruption and is used to fight against conflict in many departments. One day, God will place him in a better place where he will enjoy the fruits of his endeavour, recognised for having played a better part in the reconstruction and development of Congo.
As he normally says, “together we can progress”.

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