Friday, 9 November 2012


My father used to tell me that if you do not know something please do not hesitate you may ask other people who are well placed to understand and to know exactly what you want to know about life. I would like to say that, these words have been my guideline especially during my student life.  In trying to know what I do not know is in a sense challenging, but is the better future.
Relocating from French to English is not an easy task. In South Africa, I was like thrown in the deep end with a mastery of the swimming skills. I am struggling, but can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can swim in the English language quite well.  Life in South Africa by default is English. It is a dominant language. English is a lingua franca.

I had to commit myself and direct my purpose to study at the University. I appeared impossible to join the English world at that stage, but here I am finishing my B-tech degree in a university of technology. So, nothing is impossible if you have a vision.

Yes, I have had some challenges for English is an additional language in Congo.  Bit by bit I have tried and it takes a lot of doing; lots efforts in order to work your way through. I had to  learn English soon otherwise I couldn’t find myself in the place I am today.  

I have discovered that with media, I can achieve a lot to improve my performance in English.  I would be  an ungrateful man if I have finished my studies without saying a word of thanks to Hermon and Thembinkosi Mtonjeni. Thembinkosi spent time assisting with my  projects at Fundani Centre for Higher Education Development. From them I am truly have learned a lot, so that I salute you guys!

To my media lecturer, Marian Pike, the one who controls media at CPUT, I would like to end by saying one word, “You have been my preferred lecturer. Otherwise I am indebted to your guidance, sincerity patient and support. I am very grateful to you, and I will forever be your student”.  

The sincerity through which I express my gratitude shows not only support I have received in a foreign country, but acceptance, joy and respect that I was given despite going through a lot as a foreigner in South Africa. It means that real change and progress in Africa is possible, only if people can work together, as I was assisted by people of different races. They will forever stay in my heart, mind and spirit. They are welcome in my home country in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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