Friday, 9 November 2012


I thank God for bringing his word to pass in my life; I have received a prediction from a servant of God that he saw me becoming a beloved and now the Lord blessed me with better life in many ways. I was offered the post of a manager in Shield “God is good all the time, all the time God is good”.

I had been experiencing a sharp pain in the past while my wife had an operation on 15.05.2010. Then I have decided to conduct myself as the man of God in order to support my wife by staying in prayers. Pastor Bienvenu Mukoko spoke during his ministration that someone had been healed of such a pain and I got healed immediately, praise be to Jesus the only one on this earth can be able to assist us.
My wife has been unemployed for a long time after she had an operation but with the grace of God in order to contact the man of God Pastor Bienvenu Mukoko, then she got a job without any complication in the biggest companies, praise the Lord.

My wife was scheduled for surgery well along. The operation was well done. But the doctors told us we must watch out. We went to see the man of God Pastor Bienvenu Mukoko for prayers where he told us that only God can say something to change the life of someone. Carry on, we went to the Hospital after few years and as pastor had said it, only God can “lock a person his life” the doctors said the test showed she didn’t need surgery again, glory to God. If God is with us no one can separate us to him.

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