Friday, 9 November 2012


In many ways, life today is far less risky than in the past, yet great reputation is given to risk and its consequences. Despite technological advances and declining  life expectancy, we incline to perceive the world as progressively ambiguous and impulsive. Lets  think before in order to avoid the penalties of life.

Therefore, the men used to say that we could do whatever we wish, or what would like to do. better opportunities come once in a lifetime. This means that men who take risks are likely to be successful in life.

Marriage is a sacrifice for both sex (female and male), as it was meant to be done only once in the entire lifetime.  Of course, other people do not agree with the Bible and have taken a new direction based on cultural dictates that allow men to marry many wives at same time. The practice of polygamy is against the Bible’s teachings. Polygamy is a risk one should not take.

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