Thursday, 31 May 2012


I ‘m so surprise in this sphere, because first thing comes to my mind when I look at this topic was upkeep, morality and realistic as well. Then, I have heard for other people, I make sure I help them, be with them in time of need. Early this month I sacrifice my time helping my friend to go to Stock Road since he did not know the place. We woke up early as ten o’ clock in the morning. It was cold, I was freezing but I promise to help escort him to the traffic department in order to collect his driving licence. However, people will always think you are an idiot if you always there for them especially foreigners from Congo. They will always have sum with a total in their minds, without you knowing that.
Helping other people is my greatest strength and I imagined it out that is my greatest weakness. I always make sure that I am there for people especially people whom I think are my friends. Nevertheless, they take advantage of my benevolence.  I have seen people cares only about themselves but I do not denunciation them anymore. Maybe they were doing so because of the reaction and the way of people behave onto them when they figure out their greatest weakness.
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