Thursday, 3 May 2012


Blaise has worked as Educator for the Department of Social Education in Congo for the past ten years. During this time, he proved to be very talented, hardworking and always ready to assist where necessary. At school, amongst fellow educators, he was a marvel to watch. In class, he was a brilliant inspiration, a coach, a philosopher, a facilitator and a leader.  As a result, he was in good books of the school superintendent.

Poor background (Both of his parents died of car accident when he was 9 years old. He had no one to take care of him. Many of his aunts and uncles refused to look after her. If it was not for his very strict, heartless full-of-himself drunkard uncle who saw an opportunity to make Blaise his slave no one knows what would have become of him. Blaise only found joy in his studies, but his uncle and aunt never wanted him to study except to look after their children and livestock. Needless to say that he was made to cook up supper and breakfast every day. He was a mother, a shepherd, a cattleherd and domestic worker at the same time.

His friend, Zongo, would bring him books and home work in the field. He would study, do his homework and let Zongo submit it on his behalf. Blaise’s teachers and the principal made constant visits to his uncle and aunt to ask them to allow Blaise to study. But they refused saying there is no use because he can never make anything out of education. They are feeding him. He is good at what he is doing at home, nothing else.
However, these adversities never destroy Blaise’s spirit. He was instead encouraged and motivated to study further. He is now a university professor in Leicester. He is specialising in Education Psychology. He has published many articles and books on how to raise and educate a child you do not like. Professor John Basele perseverance, hope, dreams, desire to bring about change in the world over is a story of triumph. His never say die attitude has taught us that “Even I Can Do It”.
 source image; Professor John Basele &Hortence.

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