Thursday, 10 May 2012


Pride sometimes leads to conflicts, especially with regards culture. I will say with certainly that my parents raised me in the traditional way, which has had a positive effect on my life. Most my friends, as well as other people I see out there, there do not have this privilege that I have it now.

I can, however, say that fullbacks will always have a place on some rosters but lately, fewer teams are keeping them. There is a downside to that because teams not using fullbacks are having trouble getting touchdowns. They are also experiencing difficulty holding the lead in the fourth quarter because they aren't running the ball as successfully.

You can understand what's going on with tight ends though. The tall catchers are tough enough to match up to defenses. If you go to a nickel defense, the tight end is often bigger and just as fast as the corner back covering him. If you match him up against the safety, the tight end has a size advantage. If the defense stays in a base look, the linebacker may not be able to cover him.
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  1. The piece unfortunately does not make any sense at all. Where is the link or transition between what you learnt from your family and American football or is it rugby? Please have someone proof read your blogs before posting them John :) It will make a BIG difference.