Saturday, 4 August 2012


John Basele and Hortence Banza are getting married today at 10:30 AM!!

Marriage is something very special in life. It resembles a divine institution. Men are given a privilege of leading, sponsoring and managing. The important resources that govern the institution of marriage are comfort, stronghold, good understanding, vision and strategy to achieve your goals. The policy that directs the function of marriage is love, harmony, respect and trust. 

Women are a gift from God. Men should learn to love and protect this wonderful gift. As living gift a woman must learn to observe and actively engage with the policy that governs the functionality of the institution of marriage. Of course, getting married is for men a sense of purpose in life. They joy of marriage supersedes the joy of a captain of a lost ship, which finally gets its direction.

A good thing about marriage these days one gets a choice in terms of whom you are tying the knot with. I have chosen my beautiful, respectful and loving women “Hortence Banza”.  She is now “Mrs Hortence Banza Basele”. Oh, what a delightful transformation!

There is a Xhosa or Zulu, which goes, “ukwanda kwaliwa ngumthakathi”.The French put it magnificently, “le mariage est une bénédiction de Dieu” in Swahili”Dowa ni Baraka kutoka kwa Baba Mungu”,In lingala” libala eza lipamboli ehuta epa ya Nzambé’’ which means marriage is a blessing from God. Where God has willed nothing can be a deterrent. In Sonnet 116, William Shakespeare speaks of the marriage of true minds. Here he talks about love, which cannot change. It is supposed to be constant through any difficulties.
True love does not dwindle with time, instead it lasts forever. I did not get married only to sustain the integrity and credibility of my love for Hortence, but to fulfil the biblical prophecy, “the man shall leave his family and get married to lady once they will be one flesh”.  Today, 03.07.2012 is really a good day for me because I got married in court in order to have legally binding honour, which is also written boldly in heaven in mighty book of God.

In fact, I have a strange yearning to be a good father:  to care and support my children unlike many men who after a minute dispute run away to families that are supposedly not fighting. Where will you find a happy family these days? I have been very uncomfortable with being single. Now I am now fulfilled man. I will remain “an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken”. Thanks God!!


  1. wow John, congratulations hey. God bless you

  2. Congratulations Mr Basele, indeed "Ukwanda kwaliwa ngumthakathi....i'm impressed with the language mixture and take care of Mrs Basele.