Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Many people have made it to the top because they are second head fakes. When one is at the top it is difficult to determine whether this one has got the credibility and capacity until a fat lady (corruption) sings. Franz Fanon once warned the Africans about the hidden and dangerous agenda carried by the national bourgeoisies. This article is not intended to give a length prose on who are the second head fakes, but a scant idea about who made it to the top without sweat and blood and what they are doping now that they have reached the stars.

This reminds me of an African folklore. There was a meeting where the different types of birds sat and bragged about each other’s ability to fly high into the sky. There was a competition of who is king. They sat a race, which would determine the king. The rules were simple, “the one who soared the highest was to be crowned the king. There was this small bird, which always hides itself on the ground and does not have the power to fly long distance.
Much to the surprise of others birds, he said “I will be the ‘King of Ravens’ today”.  No bird could believe him. He was into this race knowing that he had something mischievous rolled up in his sleeves. About 300 metres into the sky he land on the shoulders of the giant eagle.  The eagle soared into the depth of the skies. Somewhere at the top when everyone had reached their best the eagle was alone high up there. The eagle shouted, “I am King of Ravens”. Everybody was convinced really the eagle is big and powerful and deserves to be the king.

The sleazy and slick bird shouted on top of the king, “Because I am tiny and had gone far ahead no one has seen me. I am King of Ravens.” The eagle was both angry and surprised. He tried but the small bird went further for 300 metres above the eagle’s reach. The morale of the story is that do not look further than your television screens to see who is the sly raven who corrupted the people to the top. Look at what happens when these second head fakes do to their constituencies who voted them into power.
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