Saturday, 4 August 2012

I AM....

I am a married person who thought had always been living a bourgeoisie life in the palace of the Democratic Republic of Congo. I thought of myself a Christian Prince “who will inherit the kingdom of God”. Not until I got married that I have seen the heaven on earth.
Marriage to me has been a revelation of the divine connection, a symbolic cord which tied myself to my original place in my mother’s womb. Marriage symbolises rebirth. When I was young, I lived my life as a boy and now I an adult I have thought critically about preserving my essence.  Getting married has given me a sense of purpose into my life.
I am liberated from the mind of baggage, the earthly bondages of a single man. I am now focusing on the task at my hand – to be a father. To breed the Basele offsprings: children who will bear my name and my genes. I have to adopt a new mentality; assume responsibility; lead a perfect life. For the Father in Heaven will guide me. I will pray Him even when I am walking in the valley of darkness because I have done something that God desires of men.
Without getting a life partner my value was less comprehensible. I have been blessed! Currently, I am focusing on my studies in PR doing my postgraduate at Cape Peninsula University of Technology with a strong vision and conviction to rise up for my family.  I am approaching my books with an open mind. I have been struck by the gracious lightening of maturity!
There was a time in my life when I did not know who I was but because of surfing through the turbulence of cumbersome life.  I now know who I really am. I am not a "wannabe." I can also do better in life because the education is a key to success. I am leading a life, following in the footsteps of good fathers out there. I live to be a good father and a good husband. Marriage to us is an element of unity, a complementary and everlasting engagement of purpose.
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