Friday, 17 February 2012


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Being a leader in the organisation is very important but you must have the potential of controlling all workers which means how to give them the right instructions at right time. Making decisions is a part of work which makes a good atmosphere. Giving instructions to people in the organisation is one of the ways to control the work by set-up the timetable.

However, if we look at some organisations these days, many managers face several critical problems when giving instructions to their workers caused by lack of leadership skills. The fact is that being an incomprehensible to the team workers, at  this stage,  a manager must have a right supportive time of set up the power of good instructions at right time in order to cover the confusion within the organisation.

As a leader, the first step recommended that you will always keep in mind it is how you can be able to control yourself. Then the second set up consisting of formulating some goals, and also having a vision in terms of work. These goals help the leader to achieve the daily objectives.
 Basically, why do most leaders these days struggle with giving instructions to their workers? It is because of lack formal classroom training it provides to practice administering an appraisal.


  1. Your content of your your topic is very relevant. There are many leaders today that are not giving proper instructions for their members to follow. This can also be the other way around that workers are not following what their leader is telling them.

  2. Some managers find it difficult to give instructions, but some employees find it equally difficult to follow instructions.