Thursday, 16 February 2012

I would like to introduce myself to all my watchers by saying hello and welcome to my blog which is, it will be contained some good social information’s indeed in the future. Yet, my name’s John Basele Mulongetsha originally from the Republic democratic of Congo (DRC) student at Cape peninsula University of technology Camp Town Campus. By doing my postgraduate in public relations management, I would like to put across this testimony concerning myself by saying this I’m a simple humble active person with so many creativities and has a countless sense of funniness to people within the society. In terms of my  lifestyle for today, I’m always like to play sports, walks, reading and the outdoors that is me anywhere. I am not a trouble maker at all but I ‘m an honest and sincere person who like to live and associate with other people in order to share the philosophies together. Basically, my profession at moment as a student it is includes the functions of communication, community relations, customer relations, employee relations, media relations, mediation, publicity and speech-writing. A person without a vision in life, yet he is analogous of course a symbol of shrub without lambs means a plant without a production.

Most people in this world for today pretend to know better than others even to be on top of them or nor knowing them as well which are absolutely wrong. Unfair, if you do not know please you may have to ask so that you will be able to know more about what you do not know; and also of course when your  conscience taught you wrong issues which means you are completely sick, for the matter of fact however, do not hesitate see  immediately a doctor or  psychologist.
You learn to do by doing more.

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