Thursday, 12 July 2012


Two years ago, I was entirely broke after my big business went down. That anywhere it was depressing, siblings and life was a total waste. One day I received first a call from my partners and an email from an online friend, who opened my eyes and introduced me to this program called Construction issues to look for a job and I did, as soon as I was emailing my business proposal to every post I saw on the internet that is in need of unemployed people.
 I started day fancying and night dreaming about me getting a good job or having other people who could assist me in my business that had gone down. But my first priority was to get a proper job that will pay me a lot of money so that I can provide for my family and start looking after my poor family or to go ahead with my small business based in Bellville.
Guess what happened the following year? In 2011 I received a call to go for an interview, I went for that interview and was employed for the job, the excitement that i had was beyond my control, I  laughed, I cried I even thanked God for getting this job. Moreover, I said to myself I am a man with a stronger vision .Because my vision was totally granted by having new contract with other businessperson partners so in life do not lose your hope carry on.


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