Thursday, 26 July 2012


Being a leader is to possess a great character, vision and skill to mobilise people positively to work for the nation. In South Africa, we have so many leaders. Some of them are unknown, ranging from families to the upper echelons of power in business and government.
A true measure of a leader is not material wealth but a spiritual gift to lead the people into greatness both individually and collectively. A perfect example of leadership is what Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Chris Hani and many others demonstrated – being last in the queue. They dedicated their lives into the service of the people and were never rewarded handsomely for that. I wonder when will the current leaders learn to bend themselves and be guided by the principles and philosophies that shaped and propelled leaders like Tambo, Hani ,Dlamini Zuma and Mbeki.
A powerful leader is a person who does not see himself, but is appointed by the people of God. His action must be above reproach. Though fallible like any other human being his sins can be easily purged because he or she has a gift. Only a few among many leaders know what it means to be the servant of the people. They instead want to be served by the people as kings, popes and monarchs.
Mostly we find people calling themselves leaders especially in politics, but they do not possess characteristics of good leaders. The lack humility, purpose, direction and vision. They see themselves beyond everybody else. Those leaders tend to amass a lot of negativity and create animosity where they go. They are not blessed!
A true measure of such leaders is to pounce on every opportunity to be corrupt. Greed defines their character. They are the type of belly-sagging leaders that are leading while holding onto their stomachs. Such leaders serve themselves before they people they lead. Therefore, one should know that a leader is born to be. He does not learn to be a leader.  Leadership is ordained or acquired by manipulating people and processes.
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