Friday, 29 June 2012


In life, a greater person must think forward. Success motivated as the person who I am, is a better acknowledgment of my abilities that clues the company that I’m working on, to give me responsible jobs, a good money package and a better respect in the company motivates me the most. By my own achievements, to achieve new milestones in my career keeps striving for better and better enactment. This is the case at least with me I get motivated by fear and desire. Let your obvious dissatisfaction and unhappiness is your source of motivation.
Furthermore, just make a change, take a risk! You have one unplanned at this life, what are you to come for? Only uninteresting people get bored and unproductive people find nothing to do. Life is art and you are unbelievably gloomy. Bodybuilding your quirks or take up drugs and have an escapade. STOP making excuses. It is never that serious in the unfarmed life.
The fact that I do not know what the day has in store for me motivates me to get out of bed. You never know who you will meet or what you will see. If I am going to go somewhere, I take my time getting dressed and ready. That's part of the excitement I think. Because where ever I end up, I want to look really good! You would be surprised at the number of heads you turn and the things you can get for free while out ;). Those little looks here and there really do wonders for your self-esteem and then you start to have more fun as the day goes than you start get motivated.

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