Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Some people are confused about this Elephant in the room, is it the decoration or you see big girl in your room then it terns you down not having interest on her, life is very fanny.
Humanity shocked to realize we have not yet explained the origin of wind, a woman whose husband sleep-smothers her with a pillow two hours after he has fallen asleep every night, a man who keeps the elephant he won during a poker game in his and his wife's bedroom, the colour purple erased from existence. Despite the plain absurdity of its many settings, this collection is not funny.
 Not soon, after we've had our chuckle over these otherwise typical worlds turned seemingly comical by the addition of the strange, we quickly realize that we were wrong to do so; these are troubled worlds, skewed by a loss of normalcy, and no laughing matter. Each bizarre premise serves to increase dramatic tension--the ever-looming sense of "the other" creeping in and distancing the central character from her/his loved one(s).

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