Wednesday, 22 May 2013


  Think twice before you talk!!

The world today is jam-packed with lots of problems that have defined life on earth in several contradictory ways. It may sometimes be ‘crisis moments’ in our lives, but as long as there are gifted men of God in order to point to the direction of God who works tirelessly and has given up His begotten son to die on the cross.

The kinds of problems we experience in the 21st century are as follows: economic crisis, political crisis, social crisis, health and education crisis. I will put across to everyone that there is nothing painful and weakening as ‘spiritual crisis’ which the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, works tirelessly on to heal each and every human being on suffers on a daily basis.

TB Joshua is revered and hated for his vision and mission on the earth. The Synagogue
Church of all Nations, his church, is very fundamental and significant, as millions of people around the world have experienced wonders through it. He has done miracles in the name of God. In other words, faith is a savings bank that our Lord wants us to open or establish.

Based on miracles that the man of God TB Joshua other pastors and detractors have developed a negative attitude toward his work of wonder. This means that a wrong judgement can be passed on someone ignoring the fact that millions have been saved through him. This negative judgement is ignorant of the fact that the same Jesus Christ we all know is functioning in miracles amid all of what we are doing. Yet, Christ never said that there would be no more miracles as other churches make a full claim saying “no more miracles if the miracles are not from God”.

Some handwriting from the Bible declare that in Acts 19:12 and Marc 16:17 other pastors ignore that Jesus Christ who used Paul and that had been exposed to him to heal, bless and deliver is the same today. But, nowadays, man of God Prophet TB Joshua has a power of the true God. He is healing some people spiritually and helping others financially and even physically. It is a gift from God.

It is so unfortunate that some pastors and other people refuse to recognise and believe in his power. They conclude that his power is a result of bad spirit. It cannot be associated with the vision of the Lord, Our Saviour. It seems prophets like him would suffer from a groundless smear campaign intended to downplay the supremacy of God.

True and genuine believers are aware of the fact that even Jesus Christ was not accepted
by his own people. Jesus and parents (Joseph and Mary) had to go through an ordeal. Jesus was saved to liberate the world from sin. However, there are Christians and pastors (high position in the church) who instead of helping a man of God perpetuate the message of God end up crucifying the attempt to save the world.

John 3:16 speaks of the power of Anointing Water that was used in the church to heal people. The Synagogue Church is all over the world now, and with his prophet TB Joshua has gotten extremely powerful. He will not stop because many people are jealousy. He will continue sharing his gift from Heaven.

Healing is for people who have faith in the power of the universe. Coping with physical challenge and leading a healthy long life means our Lord is in your life. With the anointing water everyone can be healed: not only people who visit the synagogue do receive the deliverance even your friend you can use also that spirited water indeed you will be healed based on your faith. Refer to Romans 10:17 in the Bible you will learn more about deliverance.

It may unfair for the people who have benefitted already from his Joshua’s power of healing
to keep quiet. I am not going to keep quiet.  I have witnessed his power. To those charlatans who do not trust the healing power that Prophet TB Joshua has, he is still available today. Take the challenge and go to face the man of God TB Joshua. Visit his leading ministry and be healed off your sicknesses and stubbornness.

If there is a lack of peace in families, TB Joshua is helping people with scholarship, promoting the image of deliverance to people of God in many ways refer 1 Corinth 13:13 and helping the community somewhere somehow. Prophet TB Joshua used some key words in order to protect his ministry such as: “the distance is not a barrier’’, ‘’Changing lives, Changing nations, Changing the World”, ‘’Better is not good enough”, “the best is not yet to come’’, “Let Love lead’’. The implication of the relationship between religion and the church is a big task that the SCOAN used to fight a lot. Some people relocate from their churches to SCOAN not because they are getting some money, some prophecies, some advantages, but it may be true reality of the true and changing faith, a key for salvation.  

The preaching of Prophet TB Joshua does bring back people into the spiritual stand; to be
self-confident; for us to base our behaviour on what is critical in the eyes of God. For the world today is corrupted, and critical thinking is the psychosis for everyone. To have better life is a problem today, as some people do believe that having a better life is going somewhere else. It is about following the instructions that the Bible recommended (1 Samuel 15-22 and 1 Samuel 2-25).

Emmanuel. TV tells a lot about what is happening in the entire World based on preaching to the Synagogue Church of all Nations. As mentioned above this world is double corrupted in sundry ways. Some people seek the better life by using short ways to glory such as bewitching others, killing people, stealing, practicing witchcraft, prostitution, robbery, kidnapping, etc Luke 24:49 and Prov 28;13).

The inspiration that man of God from Nigeria, Prophet TB Joshua, has
given me and my family is huge. I have since based my judgment on the spiritual matter not on social and earthly issues when facing the world. To SCOAN everyone is welcome with all their problems, then a solution will be coming out whether you like or not (Genesis 1:20-21;2 Corint 13:5; John 19:1-5)


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